Hi, my name is Katherine Jennings. I graduated Pace University where I obtained my Bachelors of Arts degree in Business and Education. In September 1976 to December 2000, I moved on to start up my own company, which is Network Brokerage, where I became the President and Chief Executive Officer. In January 2001 to the present day, I re-vamped the company name making it K Jenning Group/Network Brokerage of Westchester, where I am still the president and Chief Exective Officer.

K Jennings Group, currently known as K Jennings Group/Network Brokerage of Westchester, is a management and marketing firm which oversees three categories: the Jennings Financial Group, the Westchester Center for Defensive Driving and the Jennings Realty Agency Corp. and Network Brokerage of Westchester.  The Jennings Realty Agency Corp. & Network Brokerage of Westchester unitied into three insurance agencies, which are the Jennings Insurance Agency of Westchester Inc., the Omni Coverage Corporation, and the One Stop Taxi & limousine Insurance Brokerage Inc.

Today, I am knowledgable of many areas within the business world. I know about insurance, developing small businesses, real estate, financial services, stragetic planning, customer service, developing new businesses, financial risk, sales, sales management, marketing, risk management, investments, team building, business planning, managing brokers, marketing stragety, professional liability, management, property and casuality insurance, public speaking, leadership, executive management, term life insurance, underwriting, life insurance, mortgage lending, employee benefits and more.

Along with being a professional business woman, Katherine is a proud member of the National Association of Women in Construction, the Business Council of Westchester and the US Chamber of Commerce.