At K Jennings Group/Network Brokerage of Westchester. our outmost concern is helping you achieve greatness whether it is financia/legal services, educational, real estate, or insurances, mortgages, or driving needs. Another words, we listen to want you have to sa about our services, our professionals, or both. We are pleased at what our clients, past or present, are saying about this company. Periodically, check this page to see if any new testimonials are put up.

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I highly recommend The Jennings Group for their professional services to the community. They are a full service insurance and real estate concern for the common man and the savvy investor. Kathy has been around the business for many years and draws from a wealth of experience, which I had the chance to benefit from during my time in the company. She taught me to always remember the..."sequence of event's..." which led up to the current financial position we may find ourselves in. 

- Etienne Muhammad
Investment Banking Compliance Consultant

"I have known Katherine for more than four years and bought some of the products her company sells - including defensive driving course. Katherine is very professional in her approach to her her business and service to her clients. She deals in various products and services, which include insurance, real estate, education, mortgages and financial services. She is definitely the go-to person for all your business need, "

- Shafiq Rahman
President of Investor and Financiers, LLC